Take Your Production To The Next Level


By filming your action scenes with a Steadicam, on Rollerblades or with a Drone camera, I can help you achieve truly, impressive content. The results can be epic!

Steadicam Operator


A Steadicam, primarily used in motion pictures, is a great way to make your shots smoother and controlled. A legendary tool to enhance your visuals by capturing POV shots, tracking shots, and other captivating movements is also ideal for Music video or Commercials.

Rollerblade Steadicam Operator


The effects of the Steadicam are in itself an impressive way to intensify action sequences involving fast moving vehicles, stunts, chase scenes; combined with my rollerblading filming skills, the possibilities are endless!

Drone Operator


Perfect for aerial shots, the Drone is one of the best pieces of equipment that has revolutionized filmmaking in the last couple of years. Coupled with my background and experience in cinematography, your film projects, music videos and commercials will reach a new level of sophistication.